Who are we ?


7 Seals Records is a record label Reggae, hip hop & soul independent.
The idea comes from Herbie Dan, close to the artist are presented more : Tiwony (Blackwarell Sound). They decided to unite their talents and their strength to give birth to the label in 2011.

The two accomplices always wish to disseminate the Reggae to a wider audience. Because according to their philosophy, music must first and foremost to deliver a message and the reggae is a musique libre,
independent that knows no boundaries.

Herbie knows well and is travelling in the Caribbean Islands (Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Martinique and Guadeloupe) He will meet local artists.

At the discretion of the connections, He quickly invited artists in studio (Straika D, Yaniss Odua, Typical Féfé, Difanga, Jah Mason,Turbulence,Matthew McAnuff…) and the list is long !

A Riddim sees the day and stands out as thread : the Sweet Music Riddim.

At a time where the roots is behind by the Dancehall, This naked Riddim-roots the market and creates the surprise.
7 Seals Records becomes the ideal partner for these singers in terms of editing and production of quality sounds, for a pure reggae lovers, as you conceived it originates.

The «» Sweet Music Riddim Vol.1 » (also available on this CD-promo), has marked the 1st impression of the label in the music industry, distributed by the 1st French platform : Believe Digital. This Volume 1 inaugurated the upcoming trilogy which we propose here the second part.

A report, the presence of artists but also to discover young talent, various origins : Lusdy (Guadeloupe FWI) – Lord San (Sainte-Lucia/Martinique FWI) – Straika D (Martinique FWI) – Brother Jimmy (Host of the Bworld Connection on RFO Guadeloupe FWI) – BIGGA Haitian (Haiti) – Jah Defender (Trinidad and Tobago) – Kharri Kill (Trinidad and Tobago) and RAS Charmer (Jamaica). To put all chances on his side, team 7 Seals Records has left nothing to chance and has been able to surround himself with collaborators of renown to the image ofOrijinal B (Selecta Blackwarell Sound - Champion of France 2003), Lord San (composer / arranger), both known as the «» Hitmakers "the Caribbean local scene.

7 Seals Records and his 1st EP «» Sweet Music Riddim » receive a very good home, reggae promotion is running !


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