Jah Defender


Jah Defender ( real name Ricardo Mills ) is a Trinidad and Tobago reggae musician.

The mother of Jah Defender played a key role in his musical education .
He developed young a taste and a passion for music.

It is primary school, in front of his classmates that he will make his debut as chnateur.

As a teenager , lulled by the voice of Whitney Houston , Freddie Jackson , Gregory Isaacs , Bob Marley and Michael Jackson.

Typical Féfé

typical fefe

Typical Féfé can be classified as pioneers of Caribbean reggae. Discovery…

One who has not heard the big tune 'Pull up' should not attend the sound-system where to listen good radio broadcasts. But not this title that launched the career of Typical Féfé. Frédéric Eugénie, his real name may be classified as pioneers of Caribbean reggae. If it is in Martinique he discovers Rastafarianism, He made his debut in reggae and dancehall, in Sartrouville, suburbs of Paris, by animating a reggae show on Radio Clementine. But it is by integrating 1988 the “Polino Hi-Fi”, alongside and Nuttea Tonton David, then Stand Tall (Daddy Mory, Janik, Jah Mike... ) that he acquired a solid reputation in the middle of the sound systems.

He recorded his first single, “Ghosts” en 1991. It was released on the historical compilation Ragga dub force. It segues into the second part of the compilation “Cool Session” with the single “Killers born”. We can also cite its holdings on the Various Artist “Universal” the Ruff Neg, with the title “One, two, Three”, “PA Jige” on compiling Lyrics power 4 and its title “I sing for the oppressed” in collaboration with the Group of rap Lamifa.

En 1995, He found the Caribbean and Guadeloupe. He began to work with the Karukera Sound System and a certain Don Miguel, who is originally from the Don's Music label. It was the latter who does ask about compiling Dancehall News : “It saves”, “Burning Out” and “I have not 100 balls”. He followed that with one of our favorite titles “Abu jamal” written in solidarity for the journalist was wrongly accused which he embraces the cause.

Then he worked with Tiwony on the concept of “Double Trouble”. The idea came after doing a Duet “A thought” who rocks. It is therefore together it make this first album containing tubes “Course son”, “A dog's life” on the Savage Riddim of Laskez and mek it Happen, but also “Pull Up” (wholesale must-see Hit) and “A thought”. After it was half finalist 2003 and Champion of France of the sound systems in 2004, It prepares the new opus of the Double Trouble “REVOLUTION” that comes out end of April 2005, not to be missed ! ! !

Biography by : West Indian