Straika D


If one were to cite the most promising kreyols deejays, Straika D. would certainly have its place among them...

If we doubt just listen to the title "Hold Up.", its different participations in recent compilations dancehall Kreyol or go see one of his last appearances in sound system ! ! !

Born in 1978, Straika will quickly understand that Reggae is for him. Fêtes de district in sound system, He was influenced at an early age by artists such as Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff.

He founded his first crew : Il'yich Madinina with his mates Aziz, Yaris and General Steechie. The crew raised its first sounds 'Too much of Thomas' and "Fann Ruff". Then he began performing two duets with Yaris : «Asking the people» and «Mizik. He then joined Indie-K, a group of deejays, in which he began to make themselves known to many through the live appearances of the crew.

His appearances on a few compilations, "Biwa" including, contribute to increase its popularity... He then meets Doc Gyneco who sign on his label, Doc Communication, but unfortunately the long-awaited album won't come out.

But Straika D do not loose the case and continues to appear in sound - system.pour the happiness of all the massive. Is that with titles like 'Hold Up', «Year mission nou ye "., "As colours., "Eternal" or "La relève"., the artist has all mash up dancefloors. Include featurings with Janik, the groovin' Sound System, Daddy Mory, Typical Fe or Tiwony champion sound : BlackWarrel. He also participates in all recent compilations such as Mek it Happen : 'Savage Riddim' and «Stranger Riddim"with the wicked «Help yourself first», or Gwadajah 2 with the titles 'Destination '., "Against the evil" and "the future of man"...


Sweet Music Riddim


7 Seals Records vous présente « SWEET MUSIC RIDDIM TRILOGY »
avec Turbulence/ Jah Defender/ Straika/ Tairo/ Féfé Typical/ Difanga YI Fanka Tiki/ Lusdy Cedrick Atexide/ Yeahman’c / Princess Nayah/ Khari Kill/ Lord SanSyron Alphonse/ Avaran/ Supa Maya/ Princes Menen / Ras Charmer/ Bigga Haitian / /Brother Jimmy Reggae Bj Bworld Bwc / Tiwony Gad / Jabesh …..+Bonus Mégamix by Selecta K-za.


madiba Hommage à Mandela

DPL and Studio 7 Seals Records reveal a tribute song single for the legacy of Nelson Mandela which includes 14 major artists of the French reggae scene:

Straika D, Tiwony, Féfé typical, Wonda Wendi, Difanga, Djamatik, Apollo J, Mathieu Ruben, Princess Nayah, Sir Samuel, Junior Ruben and Kool Saze, MC Janic and Black Pearl.